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Since 2005 my paintings are dedicated to environmental issues.

Even titles of my works are dedicated to environment, pollution and sustainability themes.

In my Upcycling technique paper and paperboard saved from waste are used as base material, mixing them with gold and metallic colors I give to these poor materials a precious appearance to show their value and to put highlights on how in our society they are thrown away too superficially.

First collection  of paintings realized with this technique was "Environment", dedicated to pollution, exhibited in 2008 at the VAM Design Gallery in Budapest.


Following the collection "Rifili", presented in Rome in 2013, was dedicated to industrial toxic wastes, all the painting of this collection were made with the filling packaging paper of a box saved from the street.


In 2014 the serie "Leonia e le città invivibili" was presented with a catalogue referring to the Italo Calvino invisible city of "Leonia", the city invaded by it's wastes, an incredibly premonitory story.

Other series realized in the same mixed media on canvas (Upcycling paintings) are actually work in progress as "Urban Delirium" and "Climate Change".

Since 2018 I created also limited and numbered collections of paintings, oil on canvas, on the issue  of unsustainability of the cities (City) and  pollution of the environment (Prussian Blue).


With the same motivations and Upcycling techniques, I also create fashion design jewels, made with poor materials and recycled paper and cardboard.

This bijoux are precious objects created for women who can understand that the value of a jewel is in the creative idea and not in the preciousness of the material.

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